COVID-19. Our readiness for a safer workplace

As you are fully aware of the global epidemic of COVID-19, we at Prodigy are also taking essential measures to keep our employees safe and have a firm business continuity plan. It is well assured that as a team we are taking all precautions to prevent any disruption to our services and your business. Health and safety of our employees is paramount for us and we are taking significant measures to handle this.


Restrictions in place:

  • A good safety toolkit is set with the operations team for any emergency and supplies have been ramped up.
  • Cleaning the office has been intensified with all the equipment and handles cleaned thoroughly (this has been a practice from day 1).
  • Sent an advisory to all our employees on hygiene and asking them to wash hands frequently.
  • We have restricted access to employees who have been to places where there are large gatherings like temples, tourist places etc to enter the office.
  • External vendors, food delivery, casual foot fall have all been restricted and our operations staff is helping our employees if there are needs.
  • We are advising people to take special approvals in case of any travel and business travels are only in specific cases.

Local government updates:

  • All public places like shopping malls, pubs, schools have all been shut down from 3/15 to 3/31.
  • There are three cases tested positive at the moment and are undergoing treatment in a quarantined facility.
  • Local government has been very proactive and helping sanitation of the city.
  • There is no guidance yet from the government yet if offices have to recommend work from home, we anticipate this might come in a few weeks if situation does not stabilize.

Future Course of action:

Given the circumstances and the local government operations, we will take the actions accordingly which would translate to working from home.
100% of our employees have been provided computing ability and connectivity at home and have been utilizing working from home by connecting securely over our VPN.

Our Technical IT and Administrative staff will be handling the office and stay at work to make sure all our engineering and development teams can continue to work without hassle.

Once again we want to emphasize that we are taking care of the situation and have a firm business continuity plan to take care of our deliverables.
If you notice any issues, please do send us a communication and we shall take actions to fix them immediately.

We wish you safe environment and will be glad to offer any kind of help to our ability.