OMS (Online Management System) as it is called at Railways has created miracles and thanks to the guidance from the guide of this product for its innovative strategies. Today any large building can be estimated in a matter of minutes with very few input parameters and get the most accurate estimate. Tenders are prepared automatically, every other official communication is electronic and can be digitally signed to authenticate the notes.

Billing and Payments to contractors is all well taken care of. Do you want to know what is the status of a particular work is? It takes less than a minute to get the latest information from the field that is miles away from the head office.

OMS was innovated and initiated at South Central Railway, Hyderabad Division in July 2009. But its versatile structure has enabled it to easily get implemented at all the locations in India and also expand its reach to Defence, IT department, State Construction Company and many more.

This can certainly be implemented all over the world where workflows are similar to those of Indian Railways.