Mobility and Cloud Computing


Mobile technologies are revolutionizing business models and operations. From connecting with your workforce anytime, anywhere to extending your brand to current and prospective clients, mobile solutions have the potential to maximize your efficiency and transform your business.We define, architect, build and deliver user friendly mobility solutions. Our solutions are device and technology independent, which enable mobile users to efficiently create, share and consume relevant information on the move.

Prodigy has built in-house capabilities and expertise in developing fantastically fabulous Mobile Applications for different platforms and in the following domains:

  • Mobile Business Applications
  • Native Applications
  • Mobile Web
  • News and Content Delivery
  • Social Applications and Games
  • Mobile Commerce

We also deliver services and solutions in the following areas:

  • Full Cycle Mobile Application Engineering
  • Cross Platform Development
  • Native Applications
  • Browser based Applications
    • HTML5 optimization
    • Location-aware services
    • In-app purchasing
    • Multi-touch
    • Networking
    • Media and video
    • Augmented reality
  • Key Mobile platforms
    • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
    • Android
    • Blackberry
    • Windows Mobile / Windows Phone 8

We help our customers utilize the latest Mobile platform to acquire and retain the most attractive target customer segments.

Client Challenges:
Our Organization seeks to achieve competitive advantage bringing in operational efficiencies to the business processes. One of the ways of doing this is by the use of mobile devices. However, creating mobile systems that are deeply integrated into existing enterprise infrastructure pose significant development and integration challenges.


Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. End users access cloud-based applications through a web browser or a light-weight desktop or mobile app while the business software and user’s data are stored on servers at a remote location.

Cloud computing allows companies to avoid upfront infrastructure costs, and focus on projects that differentiate their businesses instead of infrastructure. Improved manageability and less maintenance costs, and enables IT companies to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demands.

In today’s fast paced world, everyone is dependent on the Internet. It has very fast become a necessity for households as well as business purposes. It not only does help in reducing barriers, but it also acts as a great platform for marketing. You must have heard about people having websites for their businesses or different products and services. These websites are meant to offer in-depth information about the business or the products and services being offered. But have you ever wondered how does a website appear on your screen, i.e. when you actually type the name of the website in the address bar of your screen, how do you get to see a website? This is possible through web hosting service. It is a service that enables the user to make his website accessible on the internet.

Picking a web hosting company is among the most crucial tasks that a user needs to carry out. Our proprietary frameworks ensure that you get the right solutions that best suit your long-term needs. Our cloud-based offerings include:

  • Cloud consulting and strategy
  • Solution, engineering and migration
  • Cloud management and operations
  • Cloud broker
  • monitor and manage the data center
  • SaaS product development and management
  • Amazon Ec2 cloud service
  • ECC cloud service
  • OpenShift RH cloud service

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