Intelligent Residential Complaint Management System is highly customizable solution and comprehensive cloud based system for managing complaints through a centralized call center interface. It is easy to implement and fastest way to provide great customer service.
  • Complaints can be recorded by customers online directly or from their smart phones with our new Android App.
  • Complaints can also be recorded by calling a local call center and sharing the details.
  • SMS Alerts and complaint number as acknowledgement is a part of the system that is seamless.
  • Access history of your complaint with the up-to-date status on how a complaint is progressing through.
  • Solving the Complaint – Job Cards
  • Each complaint is automatically assigned to the officer in charge.
  • The officer in charge can easily look at their list of open complaints and create Job cards accordingly.
  • Record all investigation results, artisan details and update the complaint even from a mobile App.
  • SMS Alert will be sent to the customer about the complaint solved.
Audit Log
  • Artisan Attendance management and any changes are all recorded.
  • Find out when a complaint was logged and when was it attended.
  • Automatically escalates the complaint if a response to an event has not been received within a pre-assigned due date.*
Notifications and Reports
  • SMS Alerts and even web based reports to show progress of a complaint at each stage
  • Compare resource utilization across various in charge units.
  • Complaints and Job cards pending for more than one week and more than two weeks on a click.
  • Business Intelligence Reports:
  • Intelligent Residential Complaint Management System Dashboards.