Information Technology

Our Perspective

Information technology is a distinct area of central services with our goal of providing exemplary services to the district at large in technological needs. To create a sustainable environment that integrates technology into the framework of the institution and provide our diverse community with the information, tools and services where and when needed.

Our Expertise

  • Business IT solutions
  • Product engineering
  • Online company solutions

Solutions we offer

  • Open source and SaaS
  • Anti-piracy and non-compliance
  • Systems expertise
  • Site operations optimisation

Recent Projects

Track Dost

This app is developed with an aim to ensure the safety of the employees of Indian Railways. The app works in the following process


A complete portal for Hospital management system. Contains EHR and EMR.¬†This is a SaaS product being built from a Desktop version of WriteMD…

Exponen Trader Web App

It is a premium front-end tool that is perfectly equipped as a working tool for traders.