Microsoft Exchange Upgrade

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How about we narrate a story of Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft is popular for its Operating System, Azure, AX, Office Products and certainly the power of Microsoft Exchange. Outlook is by far the best and most popular email client and it works very well with Microsoft Exchange.

The story is about migration of Microsoft Exchange. Our customer is a large enterprise with distributed offices, complex active directory setup and a vast volume of emails flowing in and out as I write. It is close to impossible for us to get a downtime ever, even if it is Christmas or the New Year. We got to find something else. Our customer had a need to upgrade from Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, its time to make the switch!

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Prodigy’s IT specialist gets into action:

  • Created a master plan with risk mitigation strategies built in.
  • Socialize the plan with key stake holders in the organization.
  • Essential hardware was procured to suit the growing needs of the organization.
  • Create an alternate Exchange Server eco system and migrate all the accounts, mailboxes, permissions and rule sets.
  • Test the new setup with a sub-domain and ensure all email delivery works.
  • Given that the mailboxes always have been backed up, over a lean weekend the switch was made to the new server and the domain updated.

As you can read, this is a rather over simplified approach and a lot of details are in between the lines. As a rough measure for over 600 mailboxes and accounts, the time we have spent for planning was close to 40%, execution was another 40% and remaining 20% was for testing and making sure every thing was right.

Microsoft Exchange Upgrade

A well done planning with a lot of room for testing and patience is the key.

At Prodigy, our IT specialists have been handling system maintenance, administration and complex data management for large enterprises very effectively and with little physical needs. 

Exchange Upgrade

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