Ezfabrics, is a website that is exclusively developed by Prodigy Group, this is built on Joomla based on ECC cloud. The aim behind developing this website is used to buy fabric items from the web store. Users can also create their own fabric by uploading custom images, hence providing customisability at ease. Our focus while developing the website was to look and feel fresh and we have achieved that by doing a mix and match of various colours, pictures and animations. Once the image is uploaded and selected the user can select the cotton type, print type and size of the fabric they want to buy. Along with this the user has choice of choosing vast amount of fabric designs that are already available within the website. The user will next select the number of yards they want to buy, this is based on that the total cost that are displayed on the website. The whole system has a user friendly shopping cart that is developed using Virtumart. The user can provide their shippingaddress and continue shopping from the website.