Business Consulting

Prodigy Business Consulting Services We Offer

ACHIEVE EFFICIENCY – Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of IT

  • IT Organization and Operating Model- Design your IT organization and define the operating models that are aligned with your business objectives.
  • IT Cost Optimization- Our proprietary methodology helps to cut the costs down and yet promote ongoing business transformation initiatives.
  • Global Sourcing Transformation- Gain advice on leveraging global and multi-sourcing strategies to reduce cost, maximize IT processing efficiency, and centralize operations and vendor consolidation

EMBRASE VIRTUALIZATION-Transforming and virtualizing business models

  • Business-IT Strategy and Innovation- Learn how to develop a competitive advantage by the leverage of aligning IT to transform your business operations.
  • Business Operations and Process Transformation- We help you analyse, redesign and outsource business processes for strategic needs such as time to market, right–sourcing and straight–through processing.
  • Organization and Change Management- Our effective solutions addresses all transitional, communications, organization and governance needs as well as all behavioural aspects of it, hence reaching the desired future state is effortless.
  • Risk, Regulatory and Compliance- We help you to manage risk regulate cost and comply with the industrial standards.

INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS: Maximizing the value and effectiveness of enterprise solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management- We always maintain an excellent relationship with our customers.
  • Supply Chain Management- our supply chain management service always lets be robust and adaptable to always demanding circumstances and yet as well maintain efficiency.
  • Program Management- We solve your most complex program challenges with our experienced professionals who create tangible, lasting solutions.

DRIVE INNOVATION-Innovating with state-of-the-art technologies

  • APPLICATION PORTFOLIO RATIONALIZATION- Determine the best disposition for your IT applications and assets, in terms of retention, application phase–out, cost effective efficiency and more.
  • Cloud optimization -Optimize your use of cloud services using a myriad of tools such as assessments, blueprints and roadmaps, resulting in lower cost of sales, increased agility, and faster time to market.
  • POST MERGER INTEGRATION- Ensure seamless integration of your organization through due diligence, communication planning, target state definition, implementation planning and change management.